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At Green Furniture Solutions, we build one of a kind tables with locally-sourced, sustainable materials. We help our customers each step of the way to design and create heirloom quality pieces. If you are interested in creating a custom piece, we just need to know the information below to generate a free quote. Each of our showroom samples are custom made, so you will find that our pricing is comparable for new pieces.

To get a quote for building your custom table, please send us the following information:

  1. Measurements: We don’t have standard sizes, so we can create a table that fits your space and needs.
    • If you are not sure what size you need, see the guide below for rectangular tables. Click here for a guide that outlines sizes for other table shapes.

      Table Sizes Based on Number of Seats
  2. Choose a table top:
    • Wood type– choose from a wide selection of reclaimed or salvaged woods.
    • Live or Straight Edge – Live or natural edges are created as the tree grows and sanded by hand in our shop. Some species have more dramatic live edges than others. In order to create straight edges, we cut off the natural edges or use wood planks.
    • Any other customizations or preferences.
  3. Choose a base:
    • Type: You can choose a wood or metal base
    • We have either ready-made or custom options available in a variety of styles. Click here for a catalog of our standard options.

Once we get your specifications, we can generate a quote and then continue to work with you so that it fits your needs.

When you have finalized your purchase, we work with you to select just the right slab with the unique features you prefer.

For more information about our wood products, visit our FAQ page.