In-Home Delivery

We treat your home and belongings with care and respect: our white-glove service means that our professionally trained delivery teams will deliver your product, place it in the appropriate room, assemble*, and remove all product packaging. The delivery fee is determined based on receiving and storage needs, delivery location, any delivery obstacles and the amount of products being delivered.

In-store Pickups

Some of our stores are able to hold your pieces for a short time for you to pick up. Keep in mind that, for safety reasons, store staff will not be able to load or secure furniture in your vehicle and some items may require customer assembly. Availability depends on the size of your pieces. Pickup times will vary so please contact us for details. This service is complimentary!

Shipping through UPS / FedEx or other carriers

Some items are eligible to ship directly to you via UPS or Fed Ex or other contracted freight carriers. Pricing and availability of UPS/FedEx shipping is based on pieces ordered and is included in the price of the product.

Delivery Timing

We will give you an estimate of when your order may be ready for delivery. The turnaround time is generally determined by the manufacturer. We can usually check on turnaround time before you make the final purchase. Once your order is placed, our staff will advise you of expected time and may be able to issue a tracking number once your pieces have shipped.

Order Acknowledgement

Once you place an order online, you’ll receive an email acknowledging both your order and your sale price. This email will also include the contact information for the team handling your order.

Review, confirmation and updates

The location handling your order will review your order to verify your items, especially when custom product is ordered. Over the course of production, our team will keep you updated with the status of your order.

Delivery Scheduling

Once your pieces are available, our team will call to schedule delivery! We strive to deliver at your convenience and usually have several days of the week on which we regularly deliver. One to two days before scheduled delivery, your local team will provide a 3 hour window for when you can expect your furniture. Due to complicated delivery schedules, GFS is not able to guarantee a specific delivery time. At your request, however, we will gladly contact you prior to scheduled delivery.

Delivery Guidelines

Please read the following to ensure the smoothest possible delivery:


We realize things may happen that require changes to your schedule. We’re happy to accommodate rescheduling your delivery with 48 hours advanced notice.


Before you order, please consider the size of your space in relation to your new pieces. Measure all doorways, stairwells, hallways, ceilings, entryways, and landings to ensure that your furniture will fit into your room. Make note of any obstacles such as bannisters, narrow entries, low ceilings, or interior walls that may cause issue with furniture placement. Your local team will be happy to provide detailed measurements of your new pieces.

GFS can offer design services to assist with the measurement and placement of your new pieces. We strongly recommend using these tools to ensure a proper fit for your new pieces.

Delivery Obstacles

Please communicate to our team if you have challenging roads, driveways or other access points that would be difficult for our trucks. Be sure to find out any requirements for access to buildings that have specific delivery instructions, such as deliveries allowed only during certain hours, dedicated freight elevators, obstructions in the interior of the building, etc.

Room Preparation

Please make arrangements to have old furniture removed prior to delivery. Have a pathway cleared through your home to the room in which the furniture will be placed.


Our professionally trained delivery team will unwrap, place, and assemble your new furniture in the appropriate room. Please note our team cannot rearrange existing furniture, connect or disconnect electrical equipment or install items that would require a general contractor (counter tops, wood walls, etc.).


We only smile if you do….please inspect your furniture and share any concerns you may have with your delivery team immediately.

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