Ergonomists agree that microbreaks are an excellent way to reduce the effects of repetitive activities. Rather than squirming in your seat late in the day, an adjustable height desk  can give your back a rest while you stand for a short time. Alternating between standing and seated positions reduces the need for extended workbreaks, increasing employee productivity.

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Green Furniture Solutions offers a variety of sit to stand desk solutions from several of our valued partners.  We offer electric and manual height adjustable tables in two leg and three leg versions.  You can easily raise a single surface or an entire work center.

Wide selection of bases and desk tops in stock ready for immediate pick up!

Bases and Tops are priced separately so that you can choose the option and size that best fits your needs.  We have a beautiful selection of solid salvaged wood butcher-block top options. Or, you can choose a lower priced top from 100’s of laminates on recycled core boards. We have standard sizes available or you can specify a custom size.

Standard sizes: 30″ x 60″ |  36″ x 72″

Salvaged Wood Plank Top Options

Salvaged Wood Butcher Block Top Options



We stock the following standard colors for quick delivery:

You can also select custom colors from the following Laminate Manufacturers:

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The ability to quickly and easily adjust from a seated to standing position makes the difference in motivating your employees to take a stand for comfort. In the time it takes to read this sentence you could have adjusted your table from a seated to standing position using the simple touch controllers provided on our sit-to-stand workcenters.

For an easy way to make meetings move faster, set your workcenter to the standing position. You’ll be surprised by the prompt pace when people are thinking on their feet.

Decompress your spine (and your mind). Adopting a sit-to-stand work style can also give your back a break. Research has shown that the intradiscal pressure in seated working positions can be nearly 50% greater than in an upright standing position. Studies also report that when employees use both a seated and standing position throughout the workday, their spinal compression is lessened.

Green Furniture Solutions adjustable workcenters feature:

  • Hidden crossbar design provides optimum knee clearance and under worksurface access
  • Electric or manual control to move up and down on demand
  • Height range: 25″– 42½” at 1.6″ per second
  • Lifting capacity: 225 lbs.
  • Available in white, silver or black finish

All Green Furniture Solutions table options feature:

  • Competitive pricing & Unsurpassed quality
  • Blended wood options
  • Innovative designs
  • Environmentally friendly paints, stains, and finishes
  • Wide selection of table base materials and design.
    • Reclaimed Oregon Douglas Fir
    • Reclaimed urban woods from the Northwest
    • Reclaimed Black Walnut, Maple, Cherry, White Oak, Redwood, Western Red Cedar, Ponderosa Pine, and Spruce
    • Salvaged woods including Madrone, Juniper, Pine, Blue Pine, Fir, and Big Leaf Pacific Maple

Pricing depends on sizes, wood species, finish, and base options.

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