Custom Furniture Solutions

You don’t have to be limited to standard sizes and features.  With Green Furniture Solutions, you get a custom solution that truly fits your needs at the same price you would pay for traditional furniture. We are happy to come to your space to take measurements and make recommendations.  Contact us for a free consultation and quote.


• Competitive pricing
• Reclaimed or Salvaged Woods in a variety of species. Straight or natural edges.
• Eco-friendly Laminates with recycled core boards
• Innovative designs
• Environmentally friendly paints, stains, and finishes
• Wide selection of table base materials and designs
• Unsurpassed quality

Pricing depends on sizes, materials, finish, and base options.

When high quality ecological materials are tastefully selected and given life by master craftsmen they become a Green Furniture Solution.
The attention to detail, sense of proportion, and old world craftsmanship make GFS Custom Solutions a choice you can be confident in!

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